Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sign Language

I used to hate the fact that I would be posted to a deaf school. Nightmares do come true somehow, and i ended up posted to one.

Ironically, I've started enjoying sign language. And now, I even developed a strange habit of using sign language while talking to non-deaf people. It's weird! Haha.

Deaf children have a unique way of expressing themselves, in order to make people understand them. Even if they're talking to people who doesn't understand their language, they tried to explain using their body language.

Sometimes, they feel upset too. Gave up after trying for some times, and people still couldn't get their message. YEAH, they're upset with me ==' When they asked a question, i was like what? WHAT? :p They got upset and kutuk me, right in front of my nose. And still, I won't understand what did they kutuk me anyway, so I won't feel anything.

The good thing of teaching them is that, I can relax my  larynx.

The bad thing is that, i can't reply them with sign language when my hands are full. AND, if I need/want to call them, I have to run, and fetch them, and stand right in front of them. Can not simply shout, 'MAI SINI!' T.T I've become a bit athletic nowadays.

Thinking of pursuing my masters in deaf studies. Why not?

Nightmares, and dreams, do come true - in the same year :)
but i believe,
prayers are truer.

P/S : So, you, let's master sign language. We can fight in peace and harmony later haha.

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