Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Living, and Giving

"When you don't give up, you can not fail"

There are countless of times in life when I felt hopeless and eventually, low self esteem - to the point that I felt not needed and useless. I hit the rock bottom - hard, and painful. Painful enough for me.
But I've decided not to give up on myself - never will, insyaAllah.

I have myself, the only thing that can bring myself forward is none other - but myself.

Therefore, I've learnt the hard way that, 'To live is to give". We don't live our lives on our own course. We live for others too.

We live to worship the Creator, Allah swt.
We live to be good and do ihsan to our parents, family members and humankind.
We live to serve the community we're living in - no matter how small that contribution is.
We live - not to satisfy ourselves only, but others too (Eventho obviously we can't afford to satisfy everyone).

That is how I learnt to do or to give something for the community. Find something within our strength and capability, and give it to others. Because through that way, you'll get better life lessons. This is how I've got a lesson from the hadith :

"Look at those below you (less fortunate than you), and don't look at those above you, for this is better" (HR Muslim)

Do you seriously think you'll understand that hadith through reading it just like that?

No, you won't. Not in a million years. You will never understand that hadith if you have never went thru any experience of 'Looking at those below you (less fortunate than you)'. 

There was once, the student council in my college held a small charity programme for the homeless around Chow Kit. We gave them food and some money, which is only RM3. It was a very small amount of money - but not to them. There were hundreds of them, lining up just to get that food and money. That broke my heart. I studied and get paid for hundreds for a month, and them? I can spend that RM3 on an ice cream, but to them their RM3 is worth of a meal for a day. T.T

It was then, I learnt, the less fortunate worked so hard to get what I had. Literally, to them, I'm actually living a luxurious life that they have always dreamt of. I have a family - a house, and a table which is always full of food - I'm rich. That is the definition of being rich to them.

While waiting for the bus to fetch us, we chit-chatted with some homeless guys, who worked as cleaners. He was a drug addict, he was used to be jailed, in and out for a few times, and he got tired of it. He felt like doing something good for himself, but.. as usual - it wasn't easy for people like him to get a job. That's why some of them decided to be 'the bad guy' because they have never found any way to be 'a good guy'. I think, some of them even like prison more than the real world outside, because at least, in the prison they will be given food and get treated, while staying outside, they will be left to die - rotten.

This kind of experience was creepy, I tell you, I was scared to death. It was night - that was the only time that we could gather them, they're busy working in the morning. T.T But I pretended like I was so cool and chill je haha. They had no intention of harming me anyway - they just wanted the food. 

Experiencing in volunteering events gave me lots of life lesson - that can never be found in classes nor books. Therefore, being a volunteer was one of my biggest achievement so far- because thru that, I can always find myself the purpose of 'living my life for others'. There are numerous of people who are less fortunate than me- and I thank Allah, for giving this kind of opportunity to me, and of course, thank Allah, for the blessings he showers upon me. 

Never give up on yourself, when you think that everything doesn't go your way, or everything seem so wrong, think again - you are blessed enough to live to this day. You just need some time to find yourself and take some time to be grateful. 

It was obvious in His Book isn't it?

 "If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you" Ibrahim 14:7


(Chow Kit, 2014)

P/S : That was me in white tudung and black shirt hee. ^_^

Gonna start my adventurous life very soon. May Allah ease me, you and all of us :)

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