Saturday, June 13, 2015

27 things to do before You Settle Down

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

I found that this video is interesting. Very. I'm not the kind of person who need others all the time, not a clingy-person, but I value friendship the most. Well, I hang out with friends and have my own clan, but I've always spared some me-time. A quality me-time. Therefore, these are some of the things that I wished to do before I settle down. Some of them are done, quite impressive ey. Haha.

Here goes the list.

1. Travel with your bffs

Have been to Laos with my volunteering friends, which are super cool, I'm tellin' ya. It's 2 in 1. Travelling and Volunteering. I enjoy travelling with my family anyway, Egypt 2015- Checked! I've been to some countries since I was 6, Mecca Medina, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Egypt. Am looking forward to travel all 10 Asean countries.

2. Learn to cook

Yeah, I am. Best part is that I even learnt on how to cook using firewood okaay. And, like those girls who love baking cakes and pastries - em, I think I had no passion in that kinda food. Well, you're not going to eat cakes everyday right. I have Melayu-kind-of-taste so, I need to learn Malay Cuisine even more.

3. Be financially independent

Alhamdulillah, eventhough I haven't start working yet but being a sponsored student, my life is financially good. Therefore, if I start working then, I'm gonna start planning on buying property, if possible before I reached 30. Yeah!

4. Face one of your biggest fear

Fear. Um, let's see.. I'm not sure what I'm feared of. Haha. Once, I have a kind of fear of dark, but not until I'm 16. Maybe.. I have fear of reading a price tag. HAHAHA. So, financial goal - I'm gonna work till I could do my shopping without reading the price tags.

5. Live alone

I did. Last year I applied for a single room at the hostel.(For reasons tho - since I was one of the Student Rep/MPP/JPP).But... IT WAS GREAT to live alone. However, next semester I decided to stay with a junior. Haha. I think I'm gonna spend my last 2 years of studying with juniors and give them all my old books.

6. Accomplish a goal

Definitely. Frankly, I've set my goal ever since I was 15. Relationship goal, Career Goal, Financial Goal  etc. I've accomplished a lot but some of my goals turn the other way round, indeed, Allah is the best planner. I have a bliss life, and blessed. Insyaallah will finish my study in one year and half, and accomplish the goal - Career Goal!

7. Fine the drink of your choice

Well. I'm a Muslim. I don't drink. Haha. But I do know my preference of food/drinks, my interests, hobbies and such.

8. Make the first move

This one is kinda private. So, teeeeettttt.

9. Challenge yourself

Gunung Ledang Peak - Checked! 2014
National and International Volunteering - Checked! 2014
Student Council - Checked! 2014

I can't believe myself I did those. I'm tellin' ya, those weren't easy. Behind every success, there are a lot of hardships. Phew. Thank Allah I survived.

10. Take a road trip

I once drove from Penang to Kuala Lumpur 6 hours. I'm a lousy driver, and.. that was very tiring. I hate driving. But I have to. T.T

11. Try a nice restaurant by yourself

Haha. Always do this. My college is 361 km from my house. Therefore I travel every semester break by bus. 6-7 hours of boarding bus or train is not a good thing,really. So, I'll definitely treat myself to a good meal or try a nice restaurant alone. Em, not that expensive kind of meal. Cheap meal for a student will do ;)

12. Live somewhere else

Em, I haven't do this yet. But I do stay away from my parents, Penang- KL is far. And, I've been staying at hostel ever since I was 13.

13. Learn to drive manual

I did. 4 years back. And, now I'm learning it again. AGAIN. That was hard.. since I am already a lousy bad careless driver. Haaaaaaa. But for good sake, I have to drive mom's car for my practicum. Hoping hat I can be a good driver soon.

14. Find a new show and finish them all in one week

This one. I have always do this when I'm home. Internet at home is heaven~~

15. Get fit

Hoyeah, Fitness Goal. Been playing badminton with my buddy every evening, but I think we will continue playing during Ramadhan at night only. Haha.

16. Build something with your hand.

DIY. Do it yourself. I've always loved this. Seriously! 2013, my friends and I built a huge model of planets and solar system for the blinds. You named it all, we use handsaw, welding, and stuffs. That was for innovation competition. But in real life, we need more than that. Working on how to paint, repair and fix minor house problems. Women need to this, so that you can live independently later. Not that we don't need a man, but hey, having extra skills won't hurt. They give you benefits. So women, start learning, (jangan nak bermalas-malas kerja tengok cerita korea menghabiskan nasik je.) HAHA

17. Stay up until the sunrise

Always. Especially when assignments need to be submitted the next day. Hahahaha.

18. See your favorite artist live

Not yet. I have no interest in that. However, I intend to watch and see my favorite games live. Badminton, hockey and basketball. I wish. Someday I will.

19. Find a list of books and then read them all

A lot. Whenever I come across a new bookshop, I will walk in and start looking for a new book. I have problems with space to keep my clothes and books. =p Clothes, because my mom is a tailor. Books, because I bought too much. Till now I have to stop buying, and finish my reading. Reading is my passion. I read a lot. Sometimes, I just need to lie down and grab a book. One day worth of reading with some cups of coffee is all I need.

20. Learn to fight

Not yet. But I do know the art of nagging. Mouth fighting. Haha. I think I need some basic skills of self defense. Sobs. Will put in on the list!

21. Volunteer

Lovely. I tried this and I never give up. Thank Allah, He gives me some golden opportunities to go and volunteer and experience on how to be in other's shoes. Thankful and grateful. When you volunteer, you will have the satisfaction of giving and helping. Despite of the work and hardships, you'll smile broadly when the needy thank you. Speechless. Simply beautiful.

22. Try a new hobby

Since I'm not yet an employee, so I do have some costless/free or low cost hobbies. I've always wanna go travelling but it's costly. Couldn't afford expensive hobbies. Well, out it on the list then!

23. Apply for your dream job

Insyaallah, may Allah ease another one and half year journey of becoming a teacher. Dream job is lecturer. Road to teaching all the wayyyyyy.

24. Keep a journal

Once. I have a lot. However a packed schedule makes me a lazy writer. Okay, will write journal afterwards (will be a good blogger too. ahaks ;)

25. Have a long conversation with a stranger

When I travel by public transport, sometimes I converse with strangers. And when I volunteer, I met  a lot of strangers - I do have some long conversation. Thru them, I learnt about life, their background and even about their culture. Simply mesmerizing. But be sure to talk only with good people. Always be careful!

26. Do something crazy and spontaneous

Em. I'm crazy. Haha. In my own way.

27. Get to know yourself.

Always. Everyday I learnt on how to be a good samaritan, develop new skills and always worship Allah in every way. He knows us best. He gives us all we need. Therefore, thank Him every second because everything is His anyway, not ours, never ours.

So peeps, get a life!



Anonymous said...

Hi Syafawani, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)

theDreamer said...

Syafa, ana nak share ni juga boleh? kt blog ana

Syafawani Jamil said...

Izzat : Sure! :) but ur experiences are way better than mine la. make sure anti tulis semuaaaa experience anti k. im looking forward to read em all! :)