Sunday, August 11, 2013

Raya's Eve Nightmare

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

It's Raya's Eve. And the last iftar. My family and I went to last-minute shopping at Jusco Perda and decided to had our last iftar there.

About half an hour before iftar, my father,sis and I went to a toy shop. (Orang sibuk beli baju raya, kami beli anak patung..errk..girllsss)

Ayah happened to leave us since there's no chair provided. So, we girls sibuk looking for the cute stuffs and saw this one indian lady ordering some huge bears. After doing the pay, we're off to the restaurant. Suddenly that particular indian lady reached us.

"Adik, can u help me? Saya tengah cari baju kurung and I don't know which one to choose. U kan Malay so, boleh tak tolong? Just matching colour je. Please??"

Since I read Suspended Coffee a lot at FB, so I just thought that, helping somebody won't harm pun kan?
(My sister forbid me but..I dunno why I help that stranger.)

We followed her. She kept looking backward, to make sure that we followed her. Someone phoned her, and I caught their conversation, " Helo, I have 2 girls with me. Ok..Ok"

I was like.."What is this....". I was praying hardly and kept repeating these two verse, "Ya Allah, Muliakan aku dengan Kemuliaan Al-Quran, Ya Allah jauhkan aku dari segala bala bencana dan bahaya".

While walking, I asked her, "Where're we going?" . Few times. And she ignored me. Waktu itu dah bersiap sedia nak cabut lari kalau apa-apa jadi (walau hakikat ketika itu kasut saya..emm..3 inci tingginya.)

We reached women's garment and clothes area. She looked weird in my eyes. First, she seemed looking for someone and, second, she seemed lost. Logically if ur asking for someone's help, you must have something that need to be done as fast as possible isn't it? So, I grabbed my sis's arm and still following that !#$%$# lady. I felt like I was a dumb following her. I don't know!! I wasn't myself I guess. T...T

She looked at us, took 2 pairs of baju kurung and asked us to change. PErgh! This is insane. I grabbed that clothes, put them on the racks, and said, WE GOT TO GO,man! No, I can't help you. She kept begging me , " Kejap je..kejap je..". Banyak la dia punya kejap. Lagi 10 minit je lagi nak buka puasa tau tak. I grabbed my sister's hand and what more..Running Man! (This is real Running Man)

And..while running I took a glimpse of her and yeah, undoubtedly, I just thought that she might have bad intentions on us two. Perhaps kidnapping? Or..robbing? Er...

Subhanallah, I'm glad I wasn't alone. I had my sister by my side. At least, I wasn't fooled by that lady. Yet, next time, I won't do my shop alone anymore. My parents or friends must be with me.

I once thought, "Sapa nak culik aku aih,,dah besar gadong dah. Boleh aih jaga diri." Heck, no. Nowadays things are changed. It's no longer safe to be alone.

We don't need any more sad cases like this. No. Parents, be sure to keep your children close to you. Don't let them wandering around the shopping complex ALONE. (Like me who loves shopping alone.haha).

I got my lessons. I won't do it again in the future. No never, insyaAllah. Not that I'm dependent, but I'm taking best care of myself.

Thanks Allah for saving us two. May Allah Bless You.


Hamba Allah said...


Never ever shop, or walk alone. It's good to have your sister by your side at that time.

Alhamdulillah semua selamat.

Syafawani Jamil said...

amirulhazim : Allahu yashfik. I;m glad i wasn't alone. should be more careful afterwards. thanks!

moshi : surely, should practice this prayer more often :)