Friday, June 8, 2012

Of kuih lompang and candy.

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

When i was a kid, i love this brownish/greenish sticky kuih with kelapa parut on the top. I was a bit kedekut (stingy) :p if anyone would ask some for my kuih lompang. I would act ..Ni aku punye... haha.. childish. It was back then when i was only 8 or 9..nearly 10 years ago..but suddenly,this morning,when i saw kuih lompang, i remembered the kedekut syafa and her kuih lompang..

***Syafa and her kuih lompang

There are 3 kuih lompang. I already had 2 kuih lompang and was eating the third one when my two cousins and my little sister came near me . My late Tok Mah watched me eating.

Dila & Aina : Hang makan apa tu?
Syafa : Kuih lompang =D ( i told them happily)
Dila&Aina&My sis : Nak sikit....
Syafa : Errrrr...

At that time,the kuih lompang left in my hand was only half. Err..i like this kuih..this is my last kuih....and suddenly.. I FINISH IT ALL IN MY MOUTH!! T......T oh greedy was i.. ==' haha.

Tok : Haish budak bertuah ni, kedekut sungguh kuih dia. Nanti kita beli lain naa..Toksah bagi dekat dia.
My granny persuaded them. Well, don't be like me =='. I was only kedekut with my kuih lompang,when not anymore ;p

This is so memorable..when i told my mum and and my sister about this ,they laughed at me..hehe..ya,ya..sometimes,foolish act is unforgettable..

Crying over kuih lompang :) meanwhile children nowadays may not know about kuih lompang. I bet,maybe there're still children who never found or ate kuih lompang :)

*** Kakak-Adik candy's story

Yesterday, my family and i went to KPJ Hospital. Ayah had to meet his doctor to check his knee.

 When we were waiting for my father's turn, i saw this two adorable girl with their father in front of me. They're siblings,one kakak, one adik. The kakak had a pink candy,meanwhile the adik got an orange candy. When the kakak opened her candy wrapper and was about to lick it, the adik said..

" Kak,nak sikit.."

The kakak licked her candy took the candy out of her mouth and told her sister,

"Jangan bagi habis naa.." (hahahahahaha)

The adik lick her kakak's candy for 3 seconds and said..

"Em..sedap.." then she gave it back to her kakak. The kakak took it and put it into her mouth back. Then the adik happily unwrapped her orange candy.

Hihi..i think,they're so cute. Subhanallah :) Allah has created children to be very innocent. Well, they are so kind to each other. Be like them, don't be like me when i was 9. Haha.

this is kuih lompang :)

it can be colourful too :)

May Allah bless you guys and girls :)

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