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Thesis Writing Tips

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Disclaimer : This is a Mang-lish post. =D The sole purpose of me writing this is that, I hope I can recall what I was doing back then while completing my thesis.

I began writing my thesis last year in my final year. It took me a year to complete the whole thesis. That's because we did the thesis proposal in the first half of final year, and complete the whole thesis report in the second half of it. It was tough, yes, but I regretted it tho..I could have done better (everyone else also feel this way kannn mm). So while writing this thesis, i discovered that I loved it, it feels like this is my kinda of thing..kinda my stuff haa..So i did give my best shot in providing good materials to the thesis. Here's what I did while completing the journey of my thesis :

1. I did it wherever I stayed, whenever I'm free, in whatever condition.

I am a lazy person haha. I'm not very disciplined while doing my work, but hey..that doesn't make me a 'cincai' person tho. In contrast to my laziness, I am very practical and 'cerewet' also. Cincai but cerewet doesn't make a good pair tau. Haha. Therefore, to satisfy both of my bad traits, I need to work smart. Haa. I literally work wherever I stayed, whenever I could and in whatever situation.  I became very practical so that I can work on my thesis. I did my thesis 80% on my bed. Rare kan >.< Hehe, I loved my bed so much and I can't work too long sitting on the chair, hence I opted to do my work on my bed with cozy comforters around. 

I can get easily distracted tho, so, while writing an idea, I'd go for musics with languages that I barely understand, e.g korean songs. It will be a huge mess if i played malay or english song. There was one time i was doing my assignment while listening to a Malay song, i ended up typing some of lyrics! Adeh.. i was lucky because i read that lyrics part tho haha. With comforters and song, and some snacks, I'm good to go. I can write for hours. I can even skip my sleep if I can stay like that. 

There was a time when i need to complete my presentation powerpoint for my thesis presentation (viva). I was on my way back from Penang via ETS train. The journey took like 4 hours, I boarded the train at 11.30 pm, meaning i arrived in Kl Central at 3.30 am the next day. It's 3 in the morning, I didn't dare to take any risk to reach my campus that early. Hence, I did my work there. I was like 'merempat' here and there for the sake of a plug haha. It was sad T.T (Pffft, I was alone). It was hard to carry your stuff around with no one to keep an eye on your bags and laptop if you had to go to the loo. So, I ended up staying up the whole night (er..morning?) and did my thesis on the floor of the KL Central. It was cold and..I could only get some drinks from the vending machine. Was too tired to walk to the 7Eleven downstairs. The point is that, I did it. I did my thesis in that horrible situation hm hm. I remembered, I stretched my legs in front of bookstores near Platform 2, and ended up sleeping while hugging my bags in a weird position. It's like i lipat my body >.< Too tired and sleepy but couldn't go anywhere maa..

2. Breaks

I have to admit that i have a short-span attention disorder. It's not severe but I can't focus on something for too long. The longest time I can write without any interruptions maybe 30 minutes. So, to satisfy this bad habit, I would give myself a loooooooot of breaks :p I would take a short break in between of my writing period. Sometimes I went to cook maggi mee (I love maggi), or take a 10 mins nap or watch some drama hehe. Those breaks take like 5-10 mins each. With those breaks, i feel more energetic, and I can write better ideas with various of well built sentences. That's the power of break! When i stay this way, I can write up to 4 to 5 hours straight. In 5 hours, i took like 50 mins of breaks, Haha, but hey, it's better than write for 3 hours straight but feeling extremely exhausted right?

3. I read too much.

You see there, 'too much'. I did not exaggerate. Thesis does require you to read a lot. To get fresher ideas, you have to read lots of articles, journals and everything in the world regarding your research. Even though i did a research on a mere blind student, I did read a lot on teaching methods, medical issues about the blinds and so on. I would go for journals most of the time. Articles are for light reading only. Besides, I prefer journal in pdf form so that i can save it in my laptop easier. I must say that i opted for English journals more than any other language. The Western did just so many researches in special education. Their special education are way more advanced than Asian countries so that's why I choose to read their journals. I do stumble upon Indonesian article, Malaysian article, everything is useful, but the main ideas I got, really depends on the researchers from the West. This is one of the reason why I would like to be a researcher in the future. It seems to me that, we have lots of 'pakar' but not in special education. (Posting pun salah tempat kan. Hahaha). I would love to do researches and contribute to my country. Write it both in Malay and English language. (Or maybe Korean lingo! I'm learning Korean language right now, super interesting!). Anyway, I'd day, I prefer journals over books because some books don't have latest information regarding things I've been looking for.

4. Doing with great details

I don't like to do messy work (hence the pemalas habit). Therefore, my work usually is clean and clear, meaning i'd would do it in one go - I don't like to edit too many times. I make sure that my grammars are good, and the ideas are put into good paragraphs. Say, there are 9 topics, I'd take some weeks to draft my ideas in my planner and write them right away. AND, I will only do my work when the good mood arrive. Haa. Without that mood, I would not touch any of my work. Blank ideas won't help anything anyway. When that mood come, everything will become so smooth and I can finish my work within time. So, serulah mood itu.

5. Stick to your stand

I have decided on the topic of my research months before i started it. The lecturers does help in giving us the ideas on picking up our research title and purposes of it. I don't waver when I see others' work. I'll just give my best shot to my work and keep improvising the ideas. If you keep changing the objectives of your research, things will get complicated and eventually ruin everything. No, no. I hate messy work so I'll stick to my stand, and do it till the very end.

6. Separate each subtopics into different documents

I did this to make sure i can read each subtopics thoroughly. If i work on mixing everything before doing the editing, i might skip some lines and forget to edit them. That's messy work. Ugh. So, i did made a small folder for each subtopics, and when I've finished writing all of them, I combined them all in one document. AND, i did make a save my work everywhere, like emails, pen drive, in computer and internal hard disk (well in case anything ever happen to your lappy, at least you can take hard disk out where the documents are safely kept in).


So, I hope it helps! I am not a writer, nor a good one. Hee, but I did try my best for my very first thesis. Got 'cukup makan' for an A. Pheww. Need to work harder next time.

Currently working on publishing my thesis on my Guru Pelatih Blog. If i were free enough, I'd upload it on google documents! ^_^ Wait for it!

(If you stumbled upon this post, and you happen to be studying special education, or simply just wanna read my thesis, do email me at okay!)

Updated : Use this link to view my thesis. Good luck! Hope it helps :)


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