Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Place to Return To

#Repost 23rd December 2017

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

-The one who has never give up putting up with yourself, despite of your parents, is you yourself-


Thing that you lose has it's way of coming back to you. Even if you don't get exactly the same thing.

Uniquely, things that we lose sometimes, we claim as ours. As if we own that thing in the first place. Yeah, human surely forgets their rightful place. We own nothing. Not a single thing. Even your nose doesn't belong to you. Hmm.

Since I've met with lots of handicap people, I've seen them as inspiring people. They make me appreciate of the things I got. For example, eyes.

There was a time when I was doing my practicum in Johor, I had experienced a very bizarre situation. It was both funny and sad.

I had a naughty student named Hadif (not his real name, but i like this name hahaha). We were in our Monday morning assembly, and out of the blue, there's a slight chaos at the back of the students' line. As I was kepochi kepcohi "Why tu why tu.", then I heard the kakak Pembantu Pengurusan Murid (PPM) said, 

"He dropped his eye". EH?

And I dropped my jaw. *Gelak sakan cikgu-cikgu time tu* Aiyaa, what a ruckus.

This guy, Hadif, is totally blind and he has a prosthetic eye in one of his eye (I can't remember which eye). And this cheeky boy liked to play with his prosthetic eye and scared the other kids. *Ish, ish.. While he was playing with the fake eyeball, the eyeball dropped on the sand, so the PPM took him to the toilet.

And I was there, standing there, laughing at this cheeky boy, and and... my eyes got teary.

As I have two eyes that I can see with, and even cry with, this boy has a fake one. I just thought that, even these two beautiful eyes (and eyebagssss lol) of mine, are actually - not mine. They belong to their rightful owner. The Creator. 

As I walked back to my desk, I was touched by the incident. It was stuck in my head, and I will always remember it. If i ever grunt and fret about something, I punish myself with this incident. To remind myself that I am not worth of anything to complain. 

There was a good friend of mine in high school, Mira, once told me, 

"With that same mouth we used to recite Al-Quran and remember Allah (zikrullah), we used it to curse and bad mouth others. It just doesn't suit it. It's not right to do so".

She's so right.

With that same eyes we used to read Al-Quran, we used them to watch lagha things,
With that same legs we bring to the mosque, we used them to go to bad places too,
With that same hand we used to take wudhu' to cleanse our body, we used them for useless hobby.

Little did we know, later in the hereafter, our eyes, our ears and even our skin will report to Allah, about our doings in this world.

" You did not use to conceal yourselves lest your hearing should bear witness against you, or [for that matter] your sight, or your skin, but you thought that Allah did not know most of what you did. "
Fussilat : 22

What right do we have to misuse the things that we got for free from Allah?

We have no right. At All.

Therefore, when we feel like we lose something, and be sad over it, think again. Allah has never punish us so severe for every mistake that we did. :'( He is sad when we do bad things, but He is always the Most Merciful. He forgives again and again.

Hence, Don't be so sad. It wasn't ours in the first place.

And remember, we, humans, make mistakes, don't forget to go back to Him. He, as always, is pleased to see us again, repenting to Him. 

"Remember, you have Allah, and you have me" - Ayah.

Second best place to return to, is none other than our own darling parents and family.

And the best nikmat of all is, having an understanding parents. :') Thank you Allah.

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