Saturday, January 10, 2015

DIY during hols : How to paint room at Lowest Cost

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

It's semester break, and of course I couldn't wait to be back at home - for good. Basically I'd do the chores and stuffs. But at the same time, I love to spend my time chillin', sleepin' (hohaalala) and doing DIY projects. Last two years I did paint my storeroom with white paint - kinda satisfied. Therefore this break I decided to paint my brother's room -which is my room now- since he'll only come back to Malaysia once in a year. His room was - a great mess. Phew. Boys =.=' I think pink will annoy him the most, and since it's my fav colour so, I PAINT IT PINK! Hihi. To be fair, I added some blue paint..OK la..I'm not that kejam ok.


Always kena ada this kind of brush. So you can paint the small or difficult part.

I plastered with masking tape -so that paint won't meleleh

My kind of 'senjata' haha

Originally the room was blue and yellow..and that was painted nearly 11 years ago.hihi

Excuse my stuffs on the bed.

Haaa..tadaaaaa ^_^ my definition of serenity. Pinky pinky girly girly =p

Amek kau. Pengsan maknyah.
I love bright colours - pink - and I feel comfortable in my own world, to create and write in this kind of place.
It makes me happy. Hehe.


As you can see, I used two colours of paint, light blue and pink. My father bought 4 litres - 2 litres for blue and 2 litres for pink. It happened to be that I tak cukup cat when I still have one whole wall yang tak cat lagi, therefore desperately I made the stripes which i think not bad. Haha. Ada 7 stripes dan I memang gagah menggigih bukak tampal masking tape to make the border line, i tell you, tak susah tapi penatnye ya Allah..I took 4 days and three nights to finish painting this one room. Maybe sebab I'm a girl, bukan larat sangat la pun nak habiskan painting whole room alih-alih barang all alone in one day. My father was way, but if he was here pun mesti I won't let him kacau.hihi. So let's do some calculations!

Price for 1 litre of paint RM26.80 x 4 = RM 107.20

Brush, roller = RM15

Masking Tape = RM3

Newspaper = RM1.20

Upah = DIY

Round up total = RM126.40 = RM130.

I end up minta the cheapest curtain from my mom at Kamdar. RM2.80 per metre. Since this room ada 5 panels of windows so they need about 15 metres.

RM2.80 x 15 m = RM42

Upah? - Mum made it- hihi

Paint RM130 + Curtain RM42 = RM172

Alhamdulillah, we made a huge change from the old messy room to a much more better looking room.This is my first time decorating without anyone else's idea. Haha. Unless for that curtain, i wish for stripes but..kotak-kotak also can.

(Supposedly buat first coat using white paint but since I malas, I painted just like that. The old coat was still good so it doesnt fall off. I just cuci dirt using water and sponge and let it dry and paint it.)


This room had one old mirror, as far as I can remember, maybe umur mirror ni about 15 years (or more). Sticker pokemon and tattoo chewing gum pun still got on it tau. Since I dont want to bazir my cent on mirror so, I used mint green paint (which isnt used for painting) to deco the 'ancient' mirror.

I washed the sticker and used a very small painting brush, after  the first coat, I make tompok-tompok kengkonon ada texture ala-ala bricks on that surface (padahal tak jadi mula-mula tu.haha) it goes. Ok la kan. Haha. Tattoo yang kat tengah cermin tu tak terdaya nak buang. Haih.

Ala-ala cermin vintage. (Selamat duit aku...)

Alhamdulillah, my sem break wasn't a waste. It was a blast anyway. Cuma cuti kalini malas nak blogging je. Haha. Nanti la I update stories lagi.

When ayah came home, it was the day I finished my painting. He kalut-kalut came and see the hasil la..he was like um...ok..bila pandang belakang terkejut tengok my 'whooooaaa-stripes-painting' tu..and he was like..."umm..umm..See, pandai I pilih the colour".. What??? Hahahahaha..I thought ayah nak puji la my 4-days-painting rupanya ayah puji diri sendiri sebab pandai pilih colour je.Hahahaha. But at last he said, paint cantik ok =p Hihi.


May Allah Bless. Bilik cantik, lagi semangat nak solat dan buat ibadah dalam tu, mengingatkan syurga lagi cantik, Allah bagi pinjam idea cenonet sikit je, tu pun dah rasa bersyukur, idea Allah lagi wallahualam cantik subhanallah. Solat pun best,tido pun tenang je..hihi =D Sebab fikir everything is worth it. Worth the effort worth the penat. Alhamdulillah.

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