Saturday, June 21, 2014



she's a source of happiness,
of eternal bliss and love.

not to forget,

she's also the source of disaster,
of horrible dream ; and
nightmare, beware.


and this girl, whom i met 3 years ago, is the source of both bliss and nightmare. Her bright side is relaxing, happy, cool, full of surprises and spontaneous, meanwhile, the dark side of her is the worst u could ever imagine of - she's too honest. Haha. You might want to prepare for the worst for the truths she spills out on you. Feel like dying and crying y'know =P but who cares, I don't even mind you being honest - cause you'll still stand by me and walk together with me. 

and girl, you taught me a lot of life lessons. You remember when I was crying like heck, and one simple solution you gave me settled my problem right away? Aha, you're great at twisting and pscho-ing people..that's why I was psycho'ed by you. Hihi. And you girl, make me more mature, by time to time. You correct me when i make silly mistakes and I listen to you most of the time - eventho sometimes i also ingkar and keras kepala- aha... that one is one of our similarities what.. ;) 

The way you think, the way you talk, the way you express your ideas, - it's different from the others. That's what make you some kind 'alien', a bright diligent alien. Haha. No one is as tenang as you. Tenang and calm. It's not just calm, but too calm. that's why you're cold when you got angry. Your voice alone is enough to freeze me. Hee =D

You were there during my ups and down, you were there for me to spill my heartaches, my tears, and be my ears. And I was really hoping that during the time that I was there for you, it helped you tho. Eventho I couldn't do much for you, i'm sorry for every of my lacking. But you are, one of the best gift Allah has ever given me.

I love it the most during our bed-talk. Aha, you in your bed, and me in my bed, while staring at the ceiling, we shared out stories. Laugh out loud like the hostel is ours, you never once whined, got angry or use aku-kau at me. I wonder, what kind of person are you? Haha. You could hold your anger like wow~~ amazing. You're gonna be a great mom. Your kids will die in silence because of your stares. Hahahaha -sorry, joking.
Thank you, for being patient with me. While I freaked out pun you still manage to keep calm. I listened to you most of the time, except when you're sick. ==' I'm gonna be the worst nurse ever for you. Sorry girl~~ 

There were times when we didn't talk to each other. We didn't fight but we're too busy with assignments and whatever..and the funny thing about it is that, at the end of the week, either you or me will say sorry for not talking too much..for showing stressful face or for ignoring you as the other person in the room. Haha. No one would ever do this i think ==' And..I love to menyibuk when u were watching movies..and u did the same when I did watch my 'tiga-kali-dah-ulang-punya-movie'. Hehe. It was so much fun to watch together rather than alone. Thank you girl, for being there, for being here all the time all this while.

There's just so much funny stories I shared with you. You have always made my day- do know, the stokin jarang had made my day you know, I was in darn bad mood but you made me laugh because of that socks. Please, get rid of it. Hahahaha. 

Do know, I hate to deny it that I'm gonna stay alone next semester. I still pretend to say, "It's ok. Syu will be back so soon..she's away..just for a while.." ..just to comfort myself even now we're no longer roommate afterwards. Still, you'll be one of the bff I've ever known, met and share my experiences with in my life. Eat well, sleep well (can't guarantee this. hihi), love yourself, get rid of those inferiority, you're great just the way you are. You have always make me proud -your achievement naik pentas is wow wow, and i think i'm the one who clapped the loudest.. i think so. haha- , that's why I like to tell you everything I did. You're like a second mum , to whom I reported every single details of my routine. Haha.

You have always said this to me, "This is my first time telling anyone bout blablabla.. you're the first to know..". And every time you said that, I feel honored and blessed. Because I have someone to trust to, and that person trust me too. I don't even care if you criticize because you know I'll criticize you back =P ahaha. Your comments and critics build a new me. And yes, I've promised myself to keep you happy even when you're stressed out, because you've done so much to me. For being one Syuhadah, thank you. Allah  saw your kindness, and may Allah bless,guide and keep you safe for the entire of you life. For the three years of love and tears, thank you. 

I'm gonna start a new semester without you, pray for me. =)

I love you lillahi taala. may Allah bless us.

To, Rumet.
From, cute ex-Rumet. (hahaha)

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dear_sueareda said...

Hi plankton + kuali.. assalamualaikum :)
Just to let you know, i read this thrice. Even until the third reading, i still find it ridiculously surprising. I kept asking myself, "did i really do that?" And weirdly, o did agree with what you wrote.. huhu.. You know, you are very good at describing people, and exaggerating. as usual, that is one of your specilities.. What? My children will die in silence because of my stare? Hahahahha.. hul~ XD

Hmmm.. did you purposely write this to make me cry? Well.. you succeed, girl. Those times that we spent were indeed very precious and meaningful.. May Allah bless this friendship, till jannah, insya-Allah..

A new sem without you won't be easy either. How can i forget your super unique laughter and busy-bodiness? But just remember, parting is not ending a relationship, its just a tool to make people appreciate each other more.. we're still here in the same maktab what.. we'll be seing each other, for sure..

I'm glad we have all those awesome memories to cherish on. May we live in each other's heart not only for another two or three years, but forever..

Me too, love you lillahi taala.
you are more than just a friend. You are my sibling, my weird sister.. hehehe..

Take care, and keep smiling. Cause you are the prettiest when you smile.. ^_^