Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rosken Review : Dry Skin Specialist

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

I don't make up. I just don't. But i do care about my skin-care. I have the thought of consuming collagen for health and skin, but .. lemme see..there's just TOO much new (and hilariously dangerous too!) cosmetic products and supplements out there. Just thinking of the negative effects made me shrugged and yeah.. I don't think I'm YET obsessed with collagen (haha) since I'm still in my young age so Alhamdulillah my skin could produce collagen naturally without any help of supplement. Maybe I should go on searching some good reviews on skin supplement before I'd consume it. Anyway, enough babble. 

I'd like to share my review on my all-time fav skin cream. I have a seriously dry skin. It looks awfully dry,dull, easily-scratched and sometimes itchy. No matter how, I HAVE to apply some cream to protect them. Be it face or hands, I find it quite hard to provide the best cream for them. I used to apply Olay moisturizer for my face and Johnson&Johnson/Vaseline for my hands or legs, well, undoubtedly these products works out well. Yet, it'll be costly to spend some money on two or three different skin products, isn't it? There are some factors why our skin dry - sunlight, air-conditioning and hot shower. That's why we need to take extra care of our precious skin, aite?

Therefore, I came across this lovely baby at Watson, beautifully named as Rosken.Aha! This brand is well-known for their dry-skin specialist (which is so true!). I got myself a tube of Dry Skin Cream - Daily Moisturizer for Dry to Extra Dry Skin. I give it a try and alhamdulillah the result is amaaaaaaazingggg =D Imma happy girl with the result of my moisture skin. It feels lovely and I've even got the satin-like smooth hand touch (aww..exaggerate!) But really, alhamdulillah, I do overcome my dry skin problem. Not that I could apply for my hands, but on my face,legs (and even feets!) too! I love being economical (wink wink) because it'd be a life-time favourite product, so I don't want to waste my money trying on new products all the time. Gonna be a die-hard fan of Rosken forevaaa? Maybe. Hihi. They comes in some varies of products - for dry skin, sensitive skin, whitening and firming cream, vit. e cream, bio serum intensive skincare oil and even balm for feet and heel. Awesome isn't it? =) Can't wait to purchase each one of them. Hee =D

So, what's more with this Rosken hm?

  • It is halal certifed by AFIC (Australia Founation of Islamic Council). What concern us, the muslims, the most is the halal verification. And this product is surely a good choice for us. Be wise while choosing any product,muslims =) 
  • In four days, your skin moisture level doubles up!
  • It is not oily at all! I tried it myself and feel so good about it. Who likes an oily-messy face aite? Well, woman (or man perhaps?) out there, try Rosken if you would prefer an oily-free-after-effect feel cream. Rosken won't disappoint you. InsyaAllah =)
  • It varies in two pattern, in a tub and tube. Well, i'd prefer the tube one because it's hygienic when you just have to press it on your skin and apply on the spot meanwhile for the tub form, you have to scoop out using your finger which is less hygienic. Well, you choose which one you'd prefer and be comfort with. (P/S : The tube form is better. Can easily keep in my messenger bag ;)
  • And of course, the affordable price. I got it ar RM12.++ at a Watson. You could get it cheaper if they've twin pack or sale. Grab it fast and see the result girls. You don't wanna miss the amazing effect on your skin ;)
  • If you happen to have many questions pop-out of your head, hold on- please refer here for more info - FAQ Rosken ^_^
Till here then, insyaAllah will update more bout some other products..soon. =D

May Allah bless.


Anonymous said...

hey just wondering, can we apply in on the face aswell?
i bought this rosken cream called Rosken Whitening & Firming Cream
thanks :)

Syafawani Jamil said...

Anonymous : Hye there :) it's supposed to be applied on your body except for face. But i do apply in on my face - especially nose. I've a very dry nose and it does moisture my nose. Hihi :)

Izz Hazwani said...

akakkkk, tengah google reviews utk rosken ni, jumpa post akak. haha
kalau kulit kering tahap kekadang tu mengelupas pastu bila garu sikit je pun terus luka, ok tak ni?

Anonymous said...

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