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Travelling, Hiking, Tips

Bismillah =)

I rarely travel,
but when i do,
alhamdulillah.. it's Sarawak =')
it's sponsored.

fullstop. ;)

Volunteering (Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa)

I went to Misi Sukarelawan Siswa by Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (which is officially under Ministry of Education) which invited students from all over Malaysia from IPTA/IPTS/IPGM/Politeknik to join this program for two weeks. Remember the interview in my previous post? Yes, we were interviewed before we were called to join them. Our missions were teaching the kids at primary school, publicizing the kampung with papan tanda and held some events for he kids and the old folks.

I haven't much experience of organizing events like this.. to my surprise, these guys and girl were so ohsem that I felt so glad that I met them. They taught me on songs, cheers, strategies and all. I really have no idea y'know. T.T Well, this is the real lesson of is not taught in the class..but experience.

The kampung is so peaceful, the old folks are ohsem, the children are super active and behaved so nice. I just thought that I won't mind if i were about to be posted here after graduated. Hehe. Seriously. (bi iznih)

Kg. Maludam, Sarawak.
with le friends and kiddos. they're sweet and cute..aww =')
This is super cool. 'Gayat T.T'

Volunteering is no joke. You'll feel tired, demotivated, get lack of sleep, over worked and etc. Yet, everything is paid with the hard work. The effort is worth it. Wake up and you'll realized that if it's not you, then who else will help the needy, the poor, the old folks, the children of the future? It's you. Then only you'll feel energized and highly motivated to give more to others, help them in every aspect you can and make them smile. Why is that all for? Because you can. Because we can =)

Syafawani Jamil in Utusan Sarawak

Gunung Ledang Expidition

Not many can do this. 6 hours of going up and 3 hours and half going down is not a simple task. And alhamdulillah. I did it. ^_^  Succeed with the first batch consist of almost 30 students reaching to the peak of the mountain with 6 hours of hiking. 

I'm not that so-called active nor athletes at my college, but I keep this one principle in my head..

"Accomplish or do not begin". And that is the sole reason why I can reach to the top. It seems almost impossible for me to go up there since I haven't do or undergo any training anyway.. but well, supportive friend is always the best at motivating you.

Thanks to this fella that I can reach to the top. wohooo ^_^
Gunung Ledang? Checked!
Batu Hampar. Look so easy meh? You try la. ;)
Taman Bonsai! All big bonsai one..feel so tiny =='
Beautiful =') Subhanallah
Jeng..jeng..jeng..stairways to the rock?
that priceless moment =) Alhamdulillah
So, I'm gonna share some good tips before hiking and how to give some treatment to your awful feet after going down the mountain. (The pain is bearable hurts for days! haha)



1. Get a good pair of hiking shoes. I have always get myself an Axel shoes. (And i make sure that they are always pink.haha) They're affordable, long lasting and cheap! I get mine at the lowest cost. Only RM59.90. And works very well alhamdulillah. The spikes under the shoes helped a lot. If you don't wanna buy new shoes, just use your regular sport shoes. Running shoes also can meh.
2. Pack your things. Get a small bag and pack some food, a bottle of mineral water and a small face towel. I packed a large size of Cadbury chocolate bar, a box of meal (rice and egg and ciken =D), a small bread, a 1500ml mineral water, a large black plastic bag (works as my sejadah), some packets of tissue, and an extra tudung bawal (in case I bleed, I can use this for wrapping). That's all. And it fits me. Complete. Eventho I didn't perform solat on the mountain, I prepared for the worst in case anything happen. The energy bar or chocolate really helps me. Hiking is a tiring journey, therefore you'll need sugar in your hand all the time. I ate chocs every 25 minutes (or less than that. hehe) and i feel energized before continuing my journey up there. I have always loved this kind of backpack. It's small and light weight, feeling good on my shoulder and easy. Maybe you'll like many zippers or Deuter (it's costly), well, up to you. I got mine at zero cost. Hehe, free. ^_^ I cherished free items. =P
3. And not to forget. Make du'a. Prayers. And watch your mouth. =') That's all!


Since the 10 hours journey was tiring, I sympathized my feet the most. Dear feet and cute toes..thank you =')
Hihi. So, here is what I did to treat my over worked feet.

You'll need these hot stuffs. These are a must have for every ladies. I'm very rajin at washing my parents and adik's feet since I love looking at others' beautiful feet. Hehe. Weird habit isn't it? Well, I wash my family punya kaki only ok.

1. Wet tissues (I prefer Antabax or Dettol or any antiseptic wet tissue will do)
2. Protex with Herbal essence (  That fresh and nice smell is so good for the feet and works as an aromatherapy too)
3. Salt (Supposedly garam bukit but well, I only have that plain salt..pun boleh~)

First, wipe your feet with the wet tissue. Make sure they're verrrrrrry clean before you put your feet in the wter.
Fill 1/4 of the pail with hot water. And pour some cold water until it's warm. Put some Protex gel. And what more? Put in your feet ^_^ it feel so good~~ Relaxed and closed your eyes. 

After 10-15 minutes, take out you feet, put some salt on your hand and rubbed the salt all over your feet. Just rubbed it thoroughly across the cute toes, your nails, your feet for about 5 minutes. And rinse them with cold water. Then only you'll so fresh and, your feet is sooo happy and sooo soft like a cotton candy! Hihi.

May Allah Bless!

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