Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Planetarium : Matahati Angkasa 2013

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

=) Assalamualaikum. Hye people. Have a blessed day ^_^

So, here's a story how we went thru all the processes of making the solar system model. Quite tough. For ladies of course. Since it's our first time handling with stuffs liddat..heheh.

It was fun tho. Alhamdulillah. Feel blessed. You see, if you don't have enough passion of doing wouldn't do it till the end..yes? Same here. We almost gave up. ALMOST. T.T But, because we're a TEAM, so, we can get up and continue doing it. Till the end, insyaAllah. (Still got final assessment and things to be repaired.hukkk). We made it. These are pics taken showing our progression making it into one solid piece. Heheh.
Tools. We bought them all. A lot. T.T 
Oh, the's custom-made.we asked from a carpenter btw.
Since, our tangan kayu couldn't potong the plywood. T.T

Nice glove. We didn't think that we would need it..but it helped us..a lot.
Alhamdulillah, got no serious injuries..hee

Superstar punya compasses. ^^, Besar woh.
Can even measure dulang.

There you go.. this is how we worked. Haha. Bersepah sini-sana =='

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... ^_^

We bought some more tools.. I had never thought of shopping at hardware shops y'know..
I went to many shops..and i think it's quite interesting to explore hardware shops.
Feeling like an independent lady. Aha..

We can even make our own house =='
Pondok on tree perhaps..

It's alat kimpal fyi..
Pateri. (what is it in english eyy?? T.T)

Trial and error. This was where we experimented our tools. Hoho.

These are our precious planets. ^_^

Zuhal (Saturn)


Musytari (Jupiter)

Bumi (Earth)

Uranus (we changed should be a bit greeny..hehe)

Marikh (Mars..changed also..this's the old version coz it looks almost the same like our venus)

(Utarid) Mercury

Precious. The Sun =)

We're doing the asteroid belt. ^_^

Testing testing =)

Love =)

Participants and Judges =)

So, peeps, pray for us. May Allah Bless us and u as well =)

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