Sunday, September 1, 2013


In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Alhamdulillah. 10 years of victory. In the timeline of 10 years, SMAPK won first place for the Debat Bahasa Melayu PPM. 2003-2005-2008-2009-2013. Subhanallah =) May Allah keep this vistory ours, insyaAllah. This year SMAP Kajang won over Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah (ASIS). And congrats to ASIS too, they won over English Debate! (Coolio ASIS!). Yet, I'm prouder with my school even more. Ehe.

The seniors of umph-year. Eheh. 
They seized the day. Work hard paid off. Alhamdulillah.
The best debater goes to our Ketua Umum(Ketua Pelajar!) Yay!='D
Couldn't make to attend to PICC therefore, I only sent my prayers for them. They're legend. Someone says that, if the debate is a Champions League, actually we can get and keep that trophy forever at school. Haha. (Like!)

So, enough babbling for the success of my beloved alma mater. Zz.

I've been searching for novels actually. Yet, sadly and hysterically I laughed at myself. How could I dream of reading a novel..T..T It seems that I can't chew and digest any more novels. I just can't. Looking at how the writers happily summarized the typical-stories-which-u-can-guess-the-whole-plot Malay novel at the back of its cover, therefore I cancel it. I wish there would be more Hlovate, Angel Pakai Gucci and Ustaz Pahrol on earth. So that I can read their books moooooooooore. Oh, APG writes on blog and fb only.(Dear APG, makes books please? *winking* )

Book worth reading many times. Ustaz Pahrol is awesome. Get one please! =)

Get myself a copy of this freshly-baked piece. Oh..lovely.
And yeah..home is where the heart is. So, I started to be more active on producing theeese heart-melting stuffs. Even with assignments around, alhamdulillah, I'm able to manage my time and make use of them. ^^

And, after the Raya break ended, I'm getting busy with this. Tuition for the UPSR! This year I volunteered to teach the six grades kiddos. some of them sit for their UPSR in September (9 days moooore!!! T.T) and some in October. Therefore, in a week, we went to teach them about 3 times. I was about to faint last Thursday. Haha. 2 Assignments were waiting to be submitted on Friday and I still have to attend to the RKTB on Thursday's evening. Tsssk. 
Yet, I believe and have faith in Allah. Ease others and help them, Allah'll help you later. 
The next day, I managed to submit both of my assignments in the morning! I'm a happy lady. Ihi. ^^

So, this's my official pass card. Hihu =)
I enjoyed meeting them, teaching this and that, doing the past-years questions and all. This is so exciting. I reminisce my old times being a kid, a UPSR student, and keep being grateful for I have my loved ones with me when they don't. Therefore, I always tell them not to be sad, we are there for them. Hope my presence is like a big sister loving her lil cheeky sis and bro. I hope and pray so. =)

Bi iznih.
May Allah Bless. You and me, together forever. Amin.

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