Friday, August 23, 2013

Irfan dan Imran

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Cute Stories of the Day

"Abang yang (Imran), harini mak masak apa?" ,tanya Cikgu Su

"Mak masak kueh...", Imran.

"Kueh apa?" , tanya Cikgu Su lagi.

"Kueh....kueh...kueh...kueh teow!!!", yakinnya Imran jawab.

Cikgu Su.."Laaaaa...ingatkan kueh apa.. ==' " Ihik.

He can sit there for hours because he just want to listen to songs. He's partially blind so he can see some images. And he sings along too! Hihi

You don't know what it's like to meet such wonderful heroes and kids like him. =)

"Irfan cepat baca Usolli.....", saya katakan pada Irfan.

"Usolli....fardhol zuh zuh zuh...", ucap Irfan yang suka pada 'Zakiah'.

"Haa..zuh apa..", saya menambah.

"Ni zohor...zuh  zuh", Irfan kata. Ya..ya.. tau la.. haha

"Zuh....ri", saya menyambung.

"Fardhol zuhri (sebut zuhwiii).. arba..arba...arba.." Irfan menyambung lagi.

"Arba...arba'a..?" saya menyambung sedikit.

"Arba'a..rakaatin adaan lillahi taala.", Irfan menghabiskan niat solat yang dihafalnya. (eh..cepat pula yang belakang ni.) Hee.

Subhanaallah =) Such a great experience meeting these kiddos, cheeky-licious children. Those who smile innocently and slowly showing their cute teeth to me after doing something wrong. Haha.

These two boys above are blind and autism, and have some problems with learning (learning disability) yet they memorize quite well! Allahu rabbi. They memorize dua's very good, prayers and some songs. Irfan looooooooves Zakiah song..(the zakiah zakiah~~ one). That's why he's calling every lady as Zakiah..hehe. What a naughty boy =)

Allah, bless them all =)

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