Monday, June 3, 2013

Make up room?

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Clean and tidy.
This two things make me feel good.

Colourful and cheerful.
This two things always make my day.

Therefore, start a good day with Bismillah and a beautiful room!
I love my very own space in my room at the hostel. I share the room with ze lovely roomate, Syu ^^
That particular room wasn't used about 4-5 years before we came in and just imagine how dull and dusty was it. Therefore, during our first semester, we did paint that room with soft pastel pink and it's awesome =D
It turned out to be a lovely room and yes, that's probably because i'm a typical girl who goes crazy over pink.. (agugu ^,^ )

So, how do i make up my room? (Note : I do make great mess sometimes but not for a long period of time for some reasons. And I don't like it either so I won't make that mess stay too long.)


Study table is important. Keep it clean and out of mess. It's where you study, do assignments and stuffs. Messing it won't help. Do make sure to keep you books in place and separate them all according to your need. Books for leisure, class, or note books. well that help you when you're in a hurry.

Give yourself some appreciation by placing some inspirational words or cards. I do place that apple card which read, 'Happy Teacher's Day'. Err..well..that's for me ^^ hihi.

Apple says 'Hi!' ='D

You see that books at the end of the table. That are my leisure books which I can fetch easily before I sleep. I will read some before my bedtime. That's the only time I have to spend with my books ^^

I got bored easily with routine therefore I'd change the 'design' of placing my things frequently.
That Selamat Hari Guru board is an appreciation and booster for myself. To keep remind myself to be prepared to be a murabbi in the future, insyaAllah.

Lists-to-read.. We'll discuss about books later =D


I love fresh and fluffy bed-sheet so I'll change my bed-sheet every month. If I happen to be extra 'rajin' , then I'll change it every 2 weeks. Even my neighbour said, "Everyone know already that this's (chip  dale's bed-sheet) 'syafa punya' " =D As I frequently wash it. Haha. 

Be sure to keep your bed-sheet straightened. The best word to use is- Cekang. ^.^ And not to put your things on bed except pillows and bolster. It's a bed, and where you rest (and and...sometimes working place also ;) hee ) , so why make a mess on it when you know you can manage it. 

You don't have to pretend to have the most beautiful room during Hari Asrama only. That's a fake. You can have the 'Best Room' award, 'Most Pretty Room' award and stuffs. You can have it all. BUT, if you can't even make your room clean and neat as a routine, you're a fake.(Sorry if it sounds harsh but that's the truth)

Make it into practice la and do it everyday. You don't have to own the most gorgeous room. Just make sure your space is clean and tidy. That's what Islam taught us. Allah is beautiful and loves beauty. So, why not us love it (beauty) ? 

It's simple. I don't know much how to deco room. So, I make it simple and comfy enough for me.


Organizer is another pretty cool stuff that will help us organizing our things. It has many pockets and you can stuff everything in it ^_^ And, you can easily find them all too. This organizer does help me a lot since I'm kinda clumsy sometimes and put things everywhere, so having this amazing thing will keep me to place my  tiny stuffs at one place and I can easily find them. =D

The organizer. It's PINK =D I bought it at Daiso at RM5. I love it. Cheap and cute.

Keep clean is a dakwah?

Start into practice from now. It's never too late to make a fresh start and keep organizing our things. This seems so simple yet so many people fail to do so. We can take a good care of our skin, clothes, and works, so why not our room? 

I used to hear some people saying that sometimes we're busy doing dakwah by asking people to go to mosque, listening to tazkirah and joining the usrah. However, we fail to show people about Islam by potraying ourselves as a good Muslim. A good Muslim is the one who shows himself as the best Muslim. Rasulullah is the best example. Our Prophet also 

Do we realize that keeping clean as our priority also is a form of dakwah? 

Yes, it is. 
It's dakwah bil hal. Dakwah by showing good things, set great example and let people get to know Islam by potraying the best examples by our deeds and acts. Besides, a Muslim also presents himself as a reflection to ALL Muslims and Islamic teachings. Allah says in the Quran about cleanliness.


And your garments keep free from stain.
(Al-Muddaththir 74:4)

See? =) Well of course not only our garments. That includes everything - garments, room, work place, body..etc etc.

I love it the most when people come to my room and they feel comfortable with it. I want them to feel the tagline of, " Bilikku, Syurgaku".
Keep Calm And Keep Your Room Pink. Eh, Clean ;)

P/S : I do make great mess at times and I'm pretty sorry for that. I hope that my friends would come at place after I've done my cleaning. Hihi. 

May Allah Bless!

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