Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Useful Poems

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Simple poems yet may be useful, created by me. Thanks Allah for His Kindness..for this ideas :)

*** 1
May the flowers flew
And yet flowers do so
When no wind are blew

Literally : Flowers - Flow because of Wind - Blow.
Indirectly : Something happens for a reason.

*** 2
Grizzly bear is hungry
keep walking
looking for honey 
far way from the tree
no honey, he'll suffer
 from the hunger

Literally : Bear hungry - look for honey - to fill his tummy
Indirectly : For something you wish for, work for it.

*** 3
Little birdie is crying
she's been falling from the tree
Mummy comes and sings
" Don't cry my dearie,
Wailing is never a sin
but regretting is "
Little birdie is asking,
"Why is that so Mummy?"
Mummy says with love,
"For Allah never burdens you
when you can't do so ,
Aut Coepisse Noli Aut Confice
'Accomplish or do not begin'
For you can do it from the very beginning
Unless you are regretting
Because that is the end of everything."

P/S : Because I love poems and rhymes. =)

May Allah Bless.

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