Sunday, July 8, 2012

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In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Grateful and thankful to Him is infinity for the LOVE He gives me. Subhanallah. Feel like a baby, I'm crying. I just can't imagine living without His Love, parents unconditionally love, siblings love, friends love, teachers love and brothers and sisters in Islam. It is just too beautiful when we say things about this four capital letters, L-O-V-E.

I never got abandoned, Alhamdulillah. To some point, I can't never put myself in those people shoes who got abandoned , left alone, or even live with separate parents. I'm grateful for this, Ya Rahman , for receiving this love not from others but my parents. He knows that I can't bear without my two lovely lovers.

Prayers = The strongest chemical
Because they never forget me in their prayers, I never once forget them either. Allah really protects us by the power of du'a , which is the strongest chemical ever. I seldom go back home. Sometimes, once in a month or two months. Even though I have a Skype account, I never use it because I know my parents are busy. the only way to contact them is via handphone. Alhamdulillah, the burdens just pop-out into the thin air when I hear their voice. Just listen to their complains about the cats or what-the-next-door-neighbour had given them also tickles me sometimes..just because I miss their voice too much.
"Doakan ayah dan ibu selalu tau"
"Always pray for me, Salam, Luv U "
Because we always contact HIM and tell HIM to take care of each other, we always remind each of us to pray to HIM. Because we knew and always know, that HE is the ONE who hold HIS servants hearts, because we know HE hold our hearts in the name of a family =)

The callings
I used to see some of my friends called their parents and said,"Mak,call balik" and hung out their phone within 2 seconds. I don't know whether how others would feel but for me, I won't ever do that unless I'm using someone's phone..but please..where's your manner, dear? Can't you at least say, "Salam,mak,mak tolong call number ni balik ya." ? I know, they want to save their credits but what's the point, it's you mother that you're talking to AND she's the one who paid your PHONE BILLS!
Come to your sense, don't do such things. If i have very little credit in my phone, then I'll text my mother to call me and that's the last way that I'd choose. Please, be good to your parents k? =) It's never too late to change slowly.

I really like it when my parents call me and my youngest sister with endearments. Even though i'm already 19,  well, there's nothing wrong to do so especially with your parents right? If you really want to hear those sweet words from your parents mouth, the rule is easy.

First rule : You start the sweet environment. Like this, "Ma, along rindu mama la. Ish, malu ni..malu ni" . Surely your mum will laugh but it's okay,worth trying, somehow she'll get used to it and say that she's missing her baby along =)

Second rule : Never give up. When you give your mother or father a call, at the end of you conversation, never miss to say, "Byebye, take care, I love you, Salam." I try this. Everytime I call both of my parents and yes, now I can hear it from them. I love hearing it =)

Last two days, I called my ibu. She didn't answer me. After a while my father called just to make sure I'm okay and doing fine. "Why call?" . "Saja,hehe..". And we started ramble random things. He told me, he'll be going to Vietnam on Sunday (today) . T..T again. As a representative from the company. And I gave him a call just now, just to make sure when he's leaving. answer. Well, maybe ayah got some work to do. After half an hour, a message came in and that message made me create this post just because of him.

"Hi kakak, sorry I can't take your call, I'm far far away in Vietnam. Please drop me a line if you are free. Bye, Luv you. Muaa Muaa.."

How many of you ask your friends apologies when you can't take your friends call? It's a father who said this to her daughter..and Masya-Allah.. the text itself made me cry =) I'm too grateful and happy to have such a wonderful dad.

"I just want to remind you to take a very good care of yourself. Bye-bye,take care ayah. Muah muah =)"

Dear Allah, thank you =')

"Be grateful to ME and both your parents" - 14 : Surah Luqman

Allah,bless my family, my brothers and sisters in Islam and my loyal readers =)

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