Friday, November 18, 2011

The Miracle Worker

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Presenting to you,readers,a story I watched from a friend's laptop,and I've been searching for it from Youtube.

The Miracle Worker


In Tuscumbia, Alabama, an illness renders infant Helen Keller blind, deaf, and consequently mute. Pitied and badly spoiled by her parents, she learns no discipline and grows into a wild, raging creature by the age of six. Desperate, the Kellers hire Anne Sullivan to serve as a governess and teacher for their young daughter. After several fierce battles with Helen, Anne convinces her parents she needs two weeks alone with her if she is to achieve any progress in her education. In that time, she teaches her discipline and language through the use of her fingers, a breakthrough that has a direct effect on everyone's life and the way they live it.

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Part 2

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Indeed,this is a very touching story.Have you imagined,how would you teach a blind deaf girl? I like this story.

 Highlight the characters - Helen - (deaf blind girl) and Annie Sullivan (the teacher) . A teacher like Annie,perhaps 1 over thousands.

 The deaf blind girl is special,she can learn quickly.The teacher is special too.A special teacher :)

Besides,it's a literature story. Enjoy It :)

InsyaAllah,a good guidance for teachers.And others too.Indeed,being a patient person is not easy,but at the end,you'll be rewarded and get paid .Ain't that sweet? =)

May Allah Bless you readers.

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