Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brotherly Love : Kuya and his brother

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

Sweet :) Kuya and his handicapped brother.

Sweet kiddos.Kids always behave that way,aren't they? Laugh,make friends,love,smiles :) Kids are wonderful.As they live their life as it should be.It is not that we have to stay young.No.Think like an adult,act like an adult,but have a heart like an infant.

They have a big heart.Do you know why?Simply said..

they easily forgive their friends
they treat nicely to those who nicely treat them
they smiles innocently
they won't keep any revenge
they makes friends and love their friendship/kinship

Have a big heart,people :)

May Allah bless.

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Soffeatul Raunaqiah said...

Sukaaa gilaa line 'Think like an adult, act like an adult, but have a heart like an infant'. Yes, I will keep that close to my heart, thanks dear :)